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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:23 pm

Hello my Name is Julian,
im the Founder, Project Leader and one of our Developers.

I recognized that the players of 4Story Unreal Reality has many Questions, bids and complainings.

1. Why is 4Story Unreal Reality that often down the last time?

[DEV]iSuicideBomber (<-- me) has no working access to a PC. His CPU overheated some days ago and so he cant concern the Server at the moment.
[DEV]Darkie doesnt have this much time to work on/restart etc. the Server.

So our downtimes from 2-5 minutes a day can take  some hours now.

I was on the half time to fix the downtimes completly.
I also was working on a bigger Update (New Client - New Launcher - complete new crypta dungeon system <-- never seen before | lvl 40 pref eq/weapons and i fixed 4 mounts)

But under this condition the update will be delayed too about 1-2 week later. So it will take about a Month.

I manage at the moment only the community per my mobil phone <--- overpowered...

2. Will the Server go offline with this problems?

No we will fight at any time like we did it always.
The money we earned is enough to run the server for a whole year, so keep calm Smile

3. What is up with the Team?

We roll up our Team, changing rights , fire some teamler and recruit new Teamler.

4. No Questions just a Advise

ONLY [DEV]'s have acces to the database and our Teamler DOESNT recieve Happtytool.

The things what teamler are able to do are teleporting, banning, chatbanning, seeing the IP of somebody and the accountname + accountinformation (no email and no password)

Then there some special rights like answering Tickets.

5. What we do with your donations

We save like 80% for bad times.
80% of the Money is used for server costs + payouts for our workers and etc.

6. Giving Accountinformation out!

That's such a naughty lie some servers tell about us.


Then u can be sure that we wont give your accountinformation out, what we never done and will do!!!

7. What will happen again ?

The next time it will stay like it is,
i know that is hard at the Moment for our players, but we're happy about every player which stay playing on our Server.
The Family stay's always ! Smile

I think my ( [DEV]iSuicideBobmers) Delivery (the CPU + cpu radioator) come this week. So I will manage the Server soon again.


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